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The River Severn is the longest river in Britain. From its source at Plynlimon, six hundred metres above sea level in the mountains of Wales, the river flows for 350km, draining into the Bristol Channel. The Atlantic Ocean is the source for the second largest tide range in the world, which can exceed 15m in the estuary at Avonmouth.

The moving tide may be visible in the estuary below Chepstow, on the Welsh border, but the bore head forms ahead of Awre Point. The wave then travels, in irregular patterns, around the estuarine Horseshoe Bend for 10 miles before entering the river above Longney.

From here it adopts a more regular form, travelling the final 14 miles of its journey upriver and past Gloucester. Finally, with an unnerving silence, the bore is halted in its charge by the weir at Maisemore. Under exceptional conditions, the relics of the tide may be observed another 50km in land at Worcester.

 LOCATION: 51º30'N, 002º45'W
 AVERAGE SPEED: 16 km h-1
 BEST TIME OF YEAR: Around the equinoxes
 TERRAINE: Estuarine and fluvial
Comparative Table Of Statistics
Severn Estuary Map Severn Horseshoe Bend Severn River
 The Severn Bore Page by Russell Higgins
The Striguil Zone Severn Bore page was probably the first comprehensive Severn Bore website. Based on the book by Fred Rowbotham, the site also includes video archive, and updated tide tables with a downloadable .exe file.
 The Severn Bore Riders Club
The most comprehensive and varied collection of photographs and stories from the River Severn surfers. Regular diaries give a lighthearted taste of the bore experience, plus a broad history of the sport.
 Insight into Marine Science - Tidal River Bores
A very informative page that outlines some theory of the Severn Bore as well as giving viewing times and a link to the latest tide tables.
Courtesy Donny Wright
Chasing The Bore - A Brief Guide and Tips  
Advice for selecting the right time to view the Severn Bore, and getting the most out of the bore chase experience.
Myths and Legends - From the River Severn  
A collection of legends from local Severnside mythology, including the Legend of the Roman Army.
Playgrounds in Paradise - Surfing the Severn  
A brief synopsis of nearly 50 years of Severn bore surfing with some surfing images from the Bore Riders Club.
The Great Floods - Tidal Devastation  
An historical collection of the greatest and most destructive flood tides that have ravaged the countryside.
Wonder of Britain - Historical Records  
Records of the Severn Bore from Victorian times as far back as the sixth century and the historian Nennius.
Courtesy Donny Wright

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