Araguari Pororoca, Amapa State, Brazil
The most impressive pororoca and most feared among the natives. It is reputed to actually form offshore on the vast delta banks. In the spring season of 2001, the river was conquered by the growing pororoca surf industry.
Araguari wave train courtesy Dr Victor Ponce
Dordogne barrel courtesy Fabrice Colas
Gironde Mascaret, Aquitaine, France
Since the disipation of the mighty Seine, the Gironde Mascaret has become dominant, with the Dordogne tributary producing the most impressive wave train in France. Along its course, the Port of St Pardon has become very popular with surfers.
Hugli Tidal Bore, West Bengal, India
The Hugli bore is renowned for the destruction it has caused to ships. With the strong surge from the monsoon south westerlies, the wave is unpredictable in size.
Hugli bore drawing from The Illustrated London News, July 4, 1857
Batang Lupar - photographer unknown
Lupar Benak, Sarawak, Malaysia
The Lupar Benak is the largest of several bores in the estuaries of the Teluk Datu in south western Sarawak. Popular with both locals and tourists, the benak has been documented for the destruction it has reaped on shipping.
Petitcodiac Tidal Bore, New Brunswick, Canada
The Petitcodiac tidal bore has been an issue of hot debate in recent years. Once one of the most majestic, and still world renowned, the tide head has been reduced considerably by the causeway construction in 1968.
Petitcodiac - photographer unknown
Qiantang courtesy Dr Eric Jones
Qiantang Dragon, Haining Province, China
The mighty silver dragon! Everyone knows this monster amongst tidal bores. Revered by the Chinese the dragon is steeped in myth, and worthy of its claim as one of the natural wonders of the world.
Shubenacadie Tidal Bore, Nova Scotia, Canada
The Shub is the largest bore in Canada, and is the truly the home of the zodiac. The rollercoaster boat ride takes one up close and personal with the bore as it meanders its way through the sandy channels, eighteeen miles upriver.
Shubenacadie bore courtesy Shubenacadie river Runners
Seine mascaret courtesy Raymond Huon
Seine Mascaret, Haute Normandie, France
Second only to the China Dragon, this great bore reached heights in excess of six metres. But it also caused great devastation to shipping with unpredictable variation, and has been culled.
Severn Bore, Gloucestershire, England
Located in rural England, the bore meanders its way around a stunning horseshoe bend on a 22 miles journey. Most renowned for its popularity with surfers and the great distances they have ridden.
Severn bore courtesy of Professor D.H. Peregrine
Turnagain Arm courtesy John Markel
Turnagain Arm Tidal Bore, Alaska, USA
Housed between the Kenai Peninsula and the Chugach Mountains, the Arm is unique as the only fjord exhibiting a tidal bore. This is the most picturesque of all bores, and at a latitude of 61 degrees, it is also the coldest environment!
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